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Know your bed size

Know Your Bed Size for Mattress Storage

When storing household furniture, one of the largest item to store is the bed. It is important before selecting a self-storage space that you know exactly what size bed and mattress you have.

The size and shape of the space you choose will depend on how you want your bed to be stored. In most cases, mattresses are stored sideways or upright to maximise available space. You’ll need enough height in the storage space if you’re planning to do this. You will also need to plan your storage space so you can access items in storage easily when you need to.

Below is a chart setting out the sizes of different types of beds and mattresses. At Storage Works, we have different sizes of self-storage spaces to choose from that can accommodate any bed size, with extra room to spare for other stored belongings.

If you need any assistance in selecting the right storage space for your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us on (02) 9901 3200.

 Single  92 cm x 187 cm
 Single Extra Long  92 cm x 203 cm
 King Single  106 cm x 203 cm
 Double  137 cm x 187 cm
 Queen  153 cm x 203 cm
 King  183 cm x 203 cm