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“Can I take this opportunity to say how pleased we have been with every aspect of the Storage Works service” – D.M (4/20)

“Thank you so much for such a professional, well-run service. Will definitely recommend you to others!” – C.B (3/20)

“I have found Storage Works to be very service oriented and professional and will definitely recommend you to friends and colleagues” – G.S (9/19)

“Thanks for your help and support over the longer than expected period. I have no hesitation in recommending Storage Works to other people” – R.B (8/19)

“I will happily recommend Storage Works to anyone that needs storage in the lower north shore” – K.D (7/19)

“We have loved your service and will keep you in mind should we need storage again” – C.A (7/19)

“I’ve been very happy with your facility and access, would use it again…” – M.S (4/19)

“As I stored with you before – this just confirms my choice. You guys are great !” – P.M (11/18)

“Thank you again for your hospitality over the past years. I’m sure we will need you again soon😊” – T.S (09/18)

“It is a pleasure storing our goods there as it is so clean, well maintained and accessible. I have  recommended .. others to store with you” – A.B (08/18)

“Thank you for the last few years, you all have been fantastic and I cannot thank you enough for helping me out..” – A.M (05/18)

“It’s such a convenient place and the hours of access are excellent” – W.K (03/18)

“The team at Storage Works in Artarmon are great to deal with. Very accommodating, professional, efficient and just a great bunch of people. Thanks for your support” – J.F (03/18)

“Storageworks has been awesome to us…” – B.J (09/17)

“My experience with you guys was amazing and if you ever need a recommendation or testimonial I am happy to send one” – C.S (07/17)

“Many thanks for your assistance with our storage needs. I would certainly use StorageWorks again and recommend you to others” – M.A (05/17)

“A friend has referred me to you as the best storage place in Sydney…!” – J.W (03/17)

” Many thanks for your service for the past 5 years 🙂 ” – R.D (01/17)

” Thanks for your service over the past few months. Very happy indeed ” – M.R (08/16)

” Thank you for your great service ” – S.S (05/16)

” I like the way StorageWorks does business ” – A.U (05/16)

” Thank you for the many years of great service ” – B.S (02/16)

” Most impressed. Thank you.” – S.W (11/15)

” Please pass on my thanks to team “Storageworks” for all the help and patience and thoughtfulness in my storage period … You are all a delight to work with. My thanks to all of you ” – A.C (08/15)

” Many thanks for all of your kind assistance over these past seven years ” – G.S (05/15)

” We have been impressed. It has been a pleasure storing with you ” – R.C (01/15)

” You are well recommended! ” – B.H (11/14)

” I have been really impressed with StorageWorks and will be using them again ” – D.T (09/14)

” I would like to thank you for your assistance, it is … so nice to receive such wonderful customer service ” – T.J (09/14)

” Many thanks … You have been superb, this has to be the most outstanding service I’ve ever experienced in my life. You have made a very difficult task (moving house while in another country) easy ” – S.M (09/14)

” You are amazing! Thank you ” – C.MB (06/14)

” Awesome thanks so much… I will recommend you to anyone and everyone!!!!!! ” – J.W (06/14)

” Thank you very much for your great service over the 4 or so years we have used your facilities. I would certainly recommend your business to others.” – J.B (05/14)

” We have found your service great ” – N.M (04/14)

” I appreciate you looking after all my belongings all these years! ” – T.D (03/14)

” It’s a wonderful storage facility, you’re all very pleasant and helpful to deal with and … I’d like to thank you for an easy, trouble-free stay ” – J.C (02/14)

” Thank you again for the use of Storage Works facilities. I will refer you to my friends…” – J.D (09/13)

” Love your storage system, always super clean, so easy to use ” – M.L (07/13)

” Thank you for your past excellent service and I’ll surely recommend you ” – M.C (05/13)

” Appreciate all your help … will certainly recommend you if I know anyone looking for storage ” – K.F (05/13)

” Many thanks for taking care of all my stuff over the years and your professional service ” – I.M (05/13)

” Great, thank you so much for your help! You were fantastic helping me out ” – J.H (03/13)

” I would like to thank you and all the staff at Storage Works who have always been very professional, courteous and friendly throughout …. I dare say that I will be back at some point in the future as your facility is without a doubt the best in Sydney. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone I know ” – P.U (07/12)

” Many thanks for your support over the past few years ” – J.M (06/12)

” I have been renting unit … for the last couple of years and enjoyed fantastic service, thank you ” – M.H (02/12)

“ I appreciate the time I have been renting from you…you have been professional and friendly at all times and I would not hestitate to recommend you ” – T.D (12/11)

“ You have been extremely helpful and professional and it has been a pleasure dealing with your business ” – P.D (11/11)

“ Thanks for your patience and professionalism. I really have appreciated it ” – B.W (08/11)

“ Thanks wonderful people at StorageWorks! ” – S.P (08/11)

“ I want to thank you for the service you guys have provided. It’s a fantastic facility and I will be sure to use it again should the need arise and should people I know need storage. I’m the second person in our family to use it ” – R.M (08/11)

“ Thanks. I am recommending your company to my friends. You have all been lovely to deal with ” – B.D (07/11)

“ Just wanted to drop a quick email thanking you. You recently helped us get a unit and were very helpful and took a lot of time to get everything sorted ” – M.R (05/11)

“ Throughout the duration of the use of the facilities, we found StorageWorks to be a most efficient and organised operation. Thank you.” – P.K (05/11)

“ It has been a pleasure storing with you guys ” – N.S (04/11)

“ I would like to thank you for providing fantastic facilities ” – B.V (11/10)

“ I would like to add that I was very happy with the overall service from your company ” – D.O (11/10)

” Thank you for providing the necessary information that enabled us to make the right storage decision, and for getting the paper work done so quickly and efficiently. You are always so calm and that really helps when people are stressed out trying to tackle their space and storage problems ” – S.L (08/10)

“Just to say a sincere “Thank you” to you for your help today. I am very grateful as I would never have managed in a month of Sundays! ” – M.D (07/10)

“ We have been delighted with your storage facility and would recommend it to any business ” – Y.R (05/10)

“ I would like to thank your friendly staff for their help and would happily recommend your service to other over-burdened families ” – E.J (04/10)

“ I wanted to thank you all for your assistance over the last four days while I was selling many of my items from storage and repacking my belongings. I’ve always been impressed with the friendliness and high level of customer service I’ve received at StorageWorks – from the very first phone call over two years ago ” – L.S (03/10)

“ I have enjoyed my stay at StorageWorks, and look forward to using you again in the future ” – A.W (02/10)

“ I have to say that I am very pleased with the service provided and if I need again a storage space I will use it again ” – J.L (02/10)

“ Thanks for your great and efficient service ” – R.T (09/09)

“ Thank you very much for all your help – I will definitely be recommending your facilities to others ” – B.M (09/09)

“ I would like to thank you personally for your friendly assistance and the managing of all issues regarding the move from St Leonards to your storage facility and most recently our departure from StorageWorks. We really appreciated it ” – T.E (07/09)

“ It has been a pleasure dealing with you and thank you for all your help ” – H.A (12/08)

“ Thank you for the great service, and we won’t hesitate to come back whenever, we will need it again ” – S.M (11/08)

“ I would like to confirm that I will be relocating out of Australia shortly and will thus need to cease my storage with you. Sadly as it is a great place and I was happy to have my things there because of the quality of your facility ” – A.C (08/08)

“ Many thanks for looking after me and my possessions so well. The whole process felt very personal and supportive and has been much appreciated ” – T.C (07/08)

“ The facility you have is very good and we would definitely use it again if the need arose, it’s better than others in the area ” – A.H (01/08)

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