Our Storage Options

Tired of having too much clutter? Storage Works Self-Storage provides you with an individually secured storage space in our centre to give you more space for the things that matter. Whether you are a household or business customer, our spaces give you an affordable and efficient way to keep your items in one place.

Spend more time exploring what life has to offer. Get your own self-storage space at Storage Works today.

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Why Rent a Self-Storage Space?

There are plenty of reasons why and situations where renting a self-storage space is the best option:

  • Moving, renovation or sale: personal storage space can keep the clutter out of your house for sale or during renovation; or store your belongings while you’re between homes or overseas
  • Businesses: it can serve as a mini-warehouse or extension to the office; a storage place for tools, documents (archiving), or inventory excess/management
  • Downsizing: it’s an ideal choice for seniors and baby boomers who downsize or move into retirement homes but don’t want to give up their belongings
  • Legacies: for families who have furniture or large heirlooms they want their kids to have, but still have no space to store these items
  • Jobs: for working out of self-storage spaces, or for keeping goods such as pharmaceuticals or eBay products in storage
  • Sports and Hobbies: for apartment dwellers who want space for leisure pursuits but don’t have enough room in the apartment
  • Students: for storage of student belongings and furniture during holidays or travel
  • TMS: the most common reason of all . . . simply Too Much Stuff!

Everyone, from households to businesses, retailers, companies, contractors and even students can benefit from having their own self-storage space!

What Can You Store?

Here are some of the things that can be stored in our units:

  • Furniture and household goods
  • Business stock and equipment
  • Merchandise, supplies
  • Office files, documents, business and legal records
  • Vehicles, cars & trailers
  • Stock for traveling salespeople
  • Seasonal and festival decorations, theatrical scenery

Storage checklist

Things that CANNOT be stored in our units include hazardous, dangerous and illegal goods, as well as perishable items.

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