Planning Your Storage Space
Planning Your Storage Space Plan ahead. Label. Optimise space. Think vertical.

Planning Your Storage Space

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Plan ahead. Label. Optimize space. Think vertical.

Plan your storage space before you start filling it so you make use of most of the available space. Here are a few tips to help you get started:


Label boxes and make an inventory list. Take pictures for easy reference in case you need to locate items in the future. Keep like items together or organise by room.

Fill Space

Packing your storage unit is like solving a tetra puzzle.

Heavy items such as books or tools should be packed in small strong boxes and placed at the bottom. Fill boxes to capacity. Partly empty or badly packed boxes may tip or collapse. Fragile items should be packed into storage boxes with bubble wrap or packing paper for protection and placed on top of other storage boxes.

Disassemble items bed frames and tables if you are able. Keep all parts (screws) together in a plastic bag and tape them to the item. Irregular shaped boxes and pieces of furniture can be placed into gaps or on top of stacked boxes which have formed a solid base.


Place large, heavy items that you don’t need to access at the back of your storage space. Then work methodically forwards and upwards with lighter, fragile items. Place frequently used items near the front of the space. Those items that you may need to access often, place in the front of the space. Depending on what you have stored, you may need to build in aisle access.


Height is your friend. Don’t fill the floor space only, but stack to the roof. You will be able to store many more items and boxes.

For more information about how to get the most out of your storage unit, give the team at StorageWorks Self Storage a call on 02 9901 3200 for practical advice and tips.

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