Ready, Steady, Share (or why you will own nothing by 2030)

Ready Steady Share

The World Economic Forum has predicted that by 2030 we will no longer own “stuff” but rather we will rent or share it. It’s a very bold prediction given our consumerism and hoarding of “stuff” right now.

It’s about the growth of the sharing economy. There are now online sites that allow users to share or rent property, storage space, cars, garages, designer clothes, handbags, tools and more and this is just the beginning.

Research shows that 30% of people now use sharing economy services and 10% of adults offer shared services. A growing number of people are earning a second income this way.

By incentivizing people to share or rent out what they own, we are moving towards a circular economy where goods are repaired and reused rather than disposed of.

The sharing economy will have to grow much more during the coming years to meet the World Economic Forum’s prediction. Without a cultural shift in how we view ownership, it is hard to imagine a world where we routinely share or rent, rather than buy. However, as has happened quite rapidly over the last few years, technology can lead to disruptive transformations before we even notice.

In the meantime, self storage in Sydney will continue to serve and fulfill a need in our society and in people’s hectic lifestyles. And even the sharing economy will need extra space to store its stuff for rent.

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