COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates

Covid Updates Mrec

1 July 2020

With most restrictions lifted in NSW, we ask that you maintain physical distancing when accessing your storage.

We have installed hand sanitzer pumps and stands in front of the lifts. We continue in our efforts to keep our storage facilities a clean and safe place for you to visit.

26 March 2020

We are open operating as normal. We do not fall within the new list of businesses closed by the Australian Government from 26 March 2020.

We have some guidance that self-storage is part of the logistics and supply chain of essential services. We will remain open for those essential services for as long as government and health directives enable.

We also remain open for our customers who might need access to their goods in storage.

Self storage has very low contact between people and low traffic rates. We ask that you continue to practice good personal hygiene, hand washing, and social distancing when visiting your storage. Our box and packing supplies shop remains open.

We have hand sanitizer in the office. We will continue with our efforts to keep our storage facilities a clean and safe place for you to visit. Further updates will be posted as required.

23 March 2020

We are open.

The Australian Government has mandated that certain facilities are restricted from opening from 23 March 2020. Self storage is not one of those facilities and we are operating as usual.

We are taking measures to ensure our self storage centres continue to be a clean and safe place for you to visit:

  • cleaning and wiping down common areas and high contact areas;
  • staff hygiene and hand washing
  • social distancing.

We are monitoring government and health authority advice. Updates will be posted as required.